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Been away for awhile, but I've returned ...

June 16th, 2007 at 10:47 am

My grandparents are here on an extended visit(arrived at the end of April and returning to CA at the end of August). I love having them here, they are "renting" our rental property six blocks from here. My waist line is expanding because of the lunches out but my wallet is remaining fat because my grandma insists on "helping" with everything from groceries, to new clthes for the kids (summer clothes were needed) and gas for the car. I am able to sneak in only a few "reimbursements" like a Rx copay here or there, stamps, etc. I did buy a round of bagels from Panera's for lunch yesterday - a whopping $11.67 to feed three adults and four kids. I'm reworking our budget for the fall when DS5 is off to K with DD9 and DD8. I put through paperwork for a tuition discount and will find out about that by the end of the month, we already received a $500 grant for DD9. Well, it is good to be back ...

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