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Attempt at Saving in the Grocery/Food Expense Category

July 3rd, 2007 at 12:30 pm

Well, I did a major shopping trip to Sam's Club last week and I had a slew of eggs (36) and ground beef to separate - freeze, etc.

I borrowed my parents' waffle maker (I probably should have one but when mine died I didn't replace it) and fed the DKs waffles for lunch, plus I made two additional batches and froze 25 for breakfast use (I don't know the equivalent cash value saved, but I do know the boxes of store brand which I buy on sale for $1.25 don't last two breakfasts). And for DH's lunches I cooked up several stroganff hamburger helpers and packed in Glad re-usable containers for the next ten work days (if I don't send him with lunch it costs either $2.13 or $3.24 (he only eats two items from the work cafeteria) so my savings there was at least $30.00.

So I'm slowly transitioning to better grocery/food management. I mentioned in an earlier post that I was pretty bad about tracking expenses last month - that went double for my meal planning and grocery shopping. My ultimate goal is to only grocery shop once or twice a month. I went last Wednesday and need to restock fresh produce and get a few items to make up a batch of chili and stew.

Any other grocery hints are welcome ... thanks!

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