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My name is Madhaus and I am a Reformed Spender

July 22nd, 2007 at 09:00 am

...it has been over a year since my last irresponsibe thoughtless purchase (a $60 silk Tommy Bahama shirt for DH on *great* sale down from MSRP of $130 - might I add this is white and we have 4 DKs under 8 at the time...)?

Well, since I've taken stock of how I spend the money my DH makes I have stopped making purchases as above. Yesterday I shopped at our local hospital's *stuff store* where they accept donations of items and all proceeds go to the cardiac unit. I ran in because DH has put on some weight (in the process of weight loss challenge at work) and needed shorts another pair of denim shorts in the *larger* size.

I found him a nice virtually brand new pair of denim cargo shorts for $4. And it didn't stop there: an additional pair of nice dress shorts for $4 and get this: TWO VIRTUALLY NEW (1) Tommy Hilfiger long-sleeve pin-striped shirt in pristine condition $5, and (2) Ralph Lauren striped polo shirt in excellent condition $4. All for $15! Wa Hoo! And DH liked all of the items - and told me I should go back every few weeks and peruse the racks for him as well!

And I got my girls seven paperback books (AG mysteries, some Littles books, and a few others) and scrapbook paper was 5 cents a sheet (1/2 off making them 2.5 cents).

Gosh, I've come a long way and wanted to share my finds with you all. I was inspired by those of you who shared your thrift store finds ... and as I was driving a way there was a really cute floral upholstered chair going in - I might have gone back to see that but my mom was in the car with the 4 DKs.

3 Responses to “My name is Madhaus and I am a Reformed Spender”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Sound like you got some good deals!

  2. boomeyers Says:

    That sounds like an awesome Thrift Store! I would go back and check frequently too! Sometimes it is hard to find a good thrift store!

  3. baselle Says:

    Good luck with the weight loss challenge. Since your husband gained, someone lost!

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