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Oh Dear, Egg on my Face, Big Piece of Humble Pie

August 28th, 2007 at 01:21 pm

Yikes, I screwed up royally -

Got a letter from Chase on Friday saying they were lowering our credit line from $6100 to $4100 due to delinquincies.

A little background info: my DH and FIL have same name and have had major confusion issues in the past - somewhere along the line FIL's DOB was linked to DHs SSN and it has been mass confusion at times. I might add that dear inlaws are not financially prudent and have several big BLIPs on their record (some more recent than others). I assumed that the decrease came from their delinquincies.

When DH called to find out further info: I (ME) made the payments on line for the past three months and for three months in a row were 2 to 5 days late (delinquincies) thus resulting in the lowering of our limit.

Funny thing, because I overpaid last month there is nothing due this month.

Paid off the nominal balance and will have DH close account tomorrow - paid with a cashier's check. Was also mad enough to close out the two credit cards in my name with no balance and the checking account we never used anyhow. I know I was late but the payment due dates were both on weekends and in one I didn't quite allow for the five day window to proccess online payments. My fault all the way. It is amazing how they try to keep your business once you say you are going to close the account.

Anyhow, I did call MIL to apologize for assuming the issue stemmed from them. She was very nice about it and said something like "money does damange families and let's try to work together to figure things out in the future if there is a problem". I was rude and put out at the phone calls I was going to have to write.

LESSON LEARNED: Make sure the source of the delinquincies before accusing someone else.

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