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Reformed Spender

April 30th, 2007 at 01:03 pm

Here is a shareable observation:

I'm in the process of becoming a reformed spender. We had my daughter's Communion this past weekend and I had numerous transactions: 2 grocery stores, 3 clothing/shoe store, party outlet store, dollar store, Michael's twice.

I'd much prefer one big transaction rather than all these small ones. I think it has something to do with quantity versus quality? I really don't know why I had this random thought.

And in the process of shopping for clothes for myself (I shop with four children) I buy things take hem home and try them on - of my purchase I kept two items totaling $74. The other items are going back TODAY (old me would drive around with the in the car).

And in my Michael's purchase I have about $10.00 in items I didn't need for my daughter's T-shirt we made. BACK THOSE GO.

Not only do I not want a lot of transactions, I don't want to keep those unused items for a time I might need them. Michaels IS only 3 miles away. And my last two dresses which I replaced lasted about five years.

Am I on my way to reformation?

Overview on Communion/Entertainment Expenses

April 30th, 2007 at 12:52 pm

Haven't blogged in awhile - Family activities took over all moments of spare time.

This past weekend DD8 made her First Communion - Sacrament on Saturday, Celebration on Sunday. Because we had DD9's Communion last year, I had a good idea on how much to budget. Here were my totals:

Dinner/Lunch out: $120 2006, $50 2007
(DD8 loves a local pulled pork place, and we did lunch rather than dinner at an Itaian restuarant)

Cake: $34 2006, $56 2007
(DD8 HAD to have the cake shaped like a Cross with lavendar and pink roses/sprinkles)

Grociers for Celebration: $120 2007
(This included White Wine from Aldi's as well as beautiful fowers. All I couldn't find there was Ricotta cheese for my lasagna)

My clothing: This is a category that was nonexistent for awhile, but I did manage to pull myself together: Spend on clothing $75 (one dress was $74 but had $50 gift card - $24 of my own dollars, and the other was $48 plus tax). Also went to Payless and gt 4 pair of shoes for my DD9 and myself (3 pairs! all sandals) at Buy One get 1/2 Off. And my hair - $10 hair cut at Great Clips ($7.99 coupon for cut an $2.01 plus tax) and $7.99 plus tax for Box of Hair Color

I'm pretty pleased with myself and my money management - plus DD8 got generous monetary gifts from her grandparents - she did ask if she could buy herself a pair of Crocs with some of her money - I said Yes.

Outlet Store Offers Discounts!

April 4th, 2007 at 10:19 pm

I am very proud of myself ...

After 2 NSDs (new to me - I usually go out on at least one errand a day) I have a new outlook - really watching what I spend.

I went into our local Pepperidge Farm Outlet Store and actually saved 20% off my order ($3.77)

Here is what I got:

24 pack of snack bagged goldfish crackers for $3.99

two bags of mini bagels (I have been known to pay $3.99 at the store for one) for $3.98

three loaves of bread $4.75 (one cinnamon raisin swirl, one very thin whole wheat, one Italian)

one box of seasoned croutons $1.34

ten v-8 smoothies at $.50 for total of $5.00

THEN my choices wre free bag of Chesapeake Cookies or 20% off. It was a challenge but I took the latter (the first would have made me fatter!) Now I guess I'm fatter in the wallet!!

First Communion Outfit Complete for Under $30

April 4th, 2007 at 04:14 pm

We are a Catholic family and First Communion is a big deal for us.

DD9 made hers last year - she is my practical girl who doesn't give much thought to her appearance. We got her dress on sale the year prior for $21 and she wore nylons ($1.00 at Walmart) and shoes she already had. Biggest cost was $22.00 for veil.

Well, DD8 is my fashionista glitter girl. She got a gown (far grander than DD9) last year - $112 SRP that I paid $23.99 for. A trip to Meijers got her a pair of over-the-top lacy anklets (clearance $1). She didn't want a veil, so I got her a wreath of flowers with ribbon (flower girl style) for $4.50 (used 40% off Michael's coupons). She has white glitter shoes. So all in all, not bad. She looks like she cost a lot more than that.

I share this because I overheard a conversation between two mothers. One has twins and opted for a Trunk Show at Von Maur's (upscale dept store in midwest) and paid ONLY $900.00 for both ensembles (apparently sweater capes where purchased to go with the sleeveless dresses). OH MY ...

I love my relatives

April 3rd, 2007 at 05:07 pm

Somewhere along my road of married/motherhood I have become known as Queen of the Coupons. My grandmother and aunt send them to me weekly (one on the East Coast, one on the West Coast). Here was my bonanza for the week:

(1) $20 cash from my D Gma who still helps cover the cost of DS2's Pull Ups (long and arduous journey to diaper-free days.
(2) My aunt sometimes send things in double or triple: this time it was 2 *FREE* 5# bags of dry dog foor, 3 *BOGO* Oh Boy Beef Jerkey (a treat we NEVER buy because one $6 bag doesn't go far) and 1 *FREE* Electrosol Dishwasher Soap.
(3) My parents buy me bananas from Sam's (I complained more than once about Aldi's selection and never pay $.69 #/pound at "regular" store) and I got 3# today.

And last but not least:
(4) My DD9 and DD8's Aunt brought over a pair of Irish Dance ghillies outgrown by her friend's daughter. DD9 will probably be in them by the ed of the summer. Saving to me $39.50.

Good day to you all.

My Blog Debut

April 2nd, 2007 at 09:00 pm

I am a blogging debutant; it is my hope that this will be a forum for me to organize my finances, share progress, and post soome goals. I've lurked long enough and sometimes feel that I may be in need of some company of like-minded money folks!

Confession: My household has 52 odd Easter notions/oddities/stuffed bunnies/deocrations. I have 4 children 9 and younger and most were acquired after we started having kids. I share this because I could not resist the temptation to buy more Vintage Inspired ones from Michael's (all 40% off). I did realize that this is not inline with a simplified decluttred lifestyle and returned $16.01 worth of items. I did keep six ceramic mugs (as I am hosting a brunch) which cost $.59 each. Frugal splurge!

I am most proud of: Being consumer debt free; do have $25,000 in student loans to tackle.

I am not proud of: Opening multiple checking accounts/credit cards for "free" interest and points. Done quite a bit of that and need to close some long unused accounts (one has $.54 cents in it) My DH says, "What? and why?" And I say "$50 is $50" but then I don't track and is it worth it?

Today I did: Write one letter to close HELOC that we had to open because we were a non-escrow mortgage account.

Well, enough ramblings for now!