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Overview on Communion/Entertainment Expenses

April 30th, 2007 at 12:52 pm

Haven't blogged in awhile - Family activities took over all moments of spare time.

This past weekend DD8 made her First Communion - Sacrament on Saturday, Celebration on Sunday. Because we had DD9's Communion last year, I had a good idea on how much to budget. Here were my totals:

Dinner/Lunch out: $120 2006, $50 2007
(DD8 loves a local pulled pork place, and we did lunch rather than dinner at an Itaian restuarant)

Cake: $34 2006, $56 2007
(DD8 HAD to have the cake shaped like a Cross with lavendar and pink roses/sprinkles)

Grociers for Celebration: $120 2007
(This included White Wine from Aldi's as well as beautiful fowers. All I couldn't find there was Ricotta cheese for my lasagna)

My clothing: This is a category that was nonexistent for awhile, but I did manage to pull myself together: Spend on clothing $75 (one dress was $74 but had $50 gift card - $24 of my own dollars, and the other was $48 plus tax). Also went to Payless and gt 4 pair of shoes for my DD9 and myself (3 pairs! all sandals) at Buy One get 1/2 Off. And my hair - $10 hair cut at Great Clips ($7.99 coupon for cut an $2.01 plus tax) and $7.99 plus tax for Box of Hair Color

I'm pretty pleased with myself and my money management - plus DD8 got generous monetary gifts from her grandparents - she did ask if she could buy herself a pair of Crocs with some of her money - I said Yes.

Outlet Store Offers Discounts!

April 4th, 2007 at 10:19 pm

I am very proud of myself ...

After 2 NSDs (new to me - I usually go out on at least one errand a day) I have a new outlook - really watching what I spend.

I went into our local Pepperidge Farm Outlet Store and actually saved 20% off my order ($3.77)

Here is what I got:

24 pack of snack bagged goldfish crackers for $3.99

two bags of mini bagels (I have been known to pay $3.99 at the store for one) for $3.98

three loaves of bread $4.75 (one cinnamon raisin swirl, one very thin whole wheat, one Italian)

one box of seasoned croutons $1.34

ten v-8 smoothies at $.50 for total of $5.00

THEN my choices wre free bag of Chesapeake Cookies or 20% off. It was a challenge but I took the latter (the first would have made me fatter!) Now I guess I'm fatter in the wallet!!