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Anyone up for a No Spend Month?

June 29th, 2007 at 10:12 am

I have had a bad handle on the money management/spending log the month of June (having to do with a string of relatives visiting and other activities, etc.) Awhile ago I was pointed in the directtion of a Simple Living blog/website where the creator proposed a no spending month. While I like NSDs, I think I need to go cold turkey at random and implusive spending.

I just stocked up on things at Sam's and will need milk/fresh produce in about two weeks. I also have things that I need to get done: (1) oil change, (2) dog grooming. Other than these things I'm seriously cnsidering banishing myself from the mall/Target/etc. I have a coupon for free digital prints at CVS (60) so my recreation for the month may be scrapbooking pictures using the supplies on hand. I also am going to make the children finish up using their coloring books/fun foam, stash.

Recreation? Use the gym at the Y, library for books and movies, I invetoried gift card and coupons for weekly "fun" and dining out. I have already purchased gifts for the two b-days in the month and DDs will have to make cards.

At least by posting my plans I am feeling more accountable and able to tackle this. So please feel free to comment and encourage -

PS My reason for this: my DH's paycheck is now going to reflect insurance premiums (we were previously on old-employed paid COBRA) and now 401(k) contributions (6% of salary) plus our rental property is going to be vacant and we will have the expense of painting/advertising.

I don't want to have to touch our savings account. I think I should be disciplined to manage what is coming in.

3 Responses to “Anyone up for a No Spend Month?”

  1. mom-from-missouri Says:

    I think I can do it-as long as paying routine monthly bills doesn't count. Esp since next month I am at church camp for 15 days as dorm mom.

  2. madhaus90 Says:

    I'm calling it a No Spend Month as I have actually just finished up paying all the bills (writing checks) and will mail off once paychecks are deposited. Lucky you, Dorm Mom for 2 Weeks! I'm looking at the calendar trying to plan as many playdates for my 4 kids with friends as this is the cheapest entertainment I can find!

  3. Dido Says:

    I'll join--do you want to start a post over at the forums? That's worked well for this sort of challenge before.

    Of course, all the monthly bills need to get paid, and I'll need a weekly cash allotment of $150 for groceries and gas for the car, and if there are any medical or plumbing emergencies, all bets are off--but if I can keep the discretionary spending just to food and fuel, that should mean an extra few hundred in the bank--which I need, since as of September, I'll be experiencing a 23% pay cut. Plus it will be good practice for the lower income

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