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$8.64 Spend

August 23rd, 2007 at 12:48 pm

Yesterday I checked out a new resale store around the corner - all proceeds benefit the domestic violence program in the county. I spent $8.64 on the following items:
(1) virually brand new Karen Nueberger nightgown for winter
(2) great condition Disney pull-over with Buzz Lightyear for DS4 (5 today!)
(3) three books: one paperback for me (Amish fiction), a hardcover Wizard of Oz that my DD8 (non-reader) is reading, and a Disney book selected by DS2
(4) a really cute back (red patterned from Bath and Body works) for DD9 to keep something in (she has lots of ocllections)
(5) two clear glass serving dishes for veggies or snacks

I love the whole idea of resale - when I get tired of these things or they break or are read - we can donate them right back! And I spent under $10 on the whole kit and caboodle!

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