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Resale Store Finds

September 29th, 2007 at 08:06 pm

Wa-hoo, I have scored some deals yesterday and today on three trips to two resale stores (one affiliated with the hospital where procedes go to the cardiac unit) and another one benefitting the county's domestic violence programs. DH and DKs accompanied me once and I had to double check on something on a second run - I spent a total of $11, $43, and then $17 for a total of $70 - here's what we got:

(1) GAP Surplus skirt for me ($3)
(2) GAP Surplus khaki's for DH ($4)
(3) Bass leather clogs for me ($4.50)
(4) Bass leather clogs for me ($4.00)
(5) Trendy toile handbag for me ($3)
(6) Field Gear sweater for DH ($5)
(7) Eddie Baur striped rugby shirt DH ($5)
(8) Kohl's brand striped rugby shirt DH
(9) Ralph Lauren polo striped shirt DH
(10) RL polo shirt for DH ($4.00)
(11) Villager brand cotton sweater for me ($4)
(12) Hello Kitty purse for DD ($2)
(13) Thomas the Tank game for DS ($2.00)
(14) Foam letter blocks for DS ($3.00)
The balance was a bunch of VHS movies for the kids (5) paper back books for DDs (3) and two books for me

So for the budget I am going to work in a Resale Category - I think I am going to call myself "Second Hand Rose" - though I am not a rose by name!

To think that a few years ago my DH raised an eyebrow when I got DD9 a Halloween costume "used" at Once Upon a child! Well eight years later and three more kids, he has finally seen the light!

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