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Almost a No Spend Week!! New attitude about spending emerging ...

October 4th, 2007 at 08:49 pm

We had a major unplanned expense of $697 to an electrician to repair the "guts" of our electric meter (at that point I probably would have shelled out $1,000 just to have electricity - it is paramount with 4 DKs) I was happy that we didn't have to use the credit card and could "afford" the repair.

However, I was on a mission to see how much I could NOT spend and I'm happy to report that it was a very cheap week at that.

I did have a $25 Target gift card which I used to purchase a Halloween costume for DD8.

I also had $60 in Albertson gift cards from two RX filling. My grocery bill came to $100 and I had $38.99 in coupons and $60.00 in gift cards, so all told it was under $5. (Most of that was stocking up on two-for-one items.

My entertainment was two outings to the local Arboretum where my mom is a member and it was beautiful weather and nice to get the two younger ones out while the big ones were at school.

I'm very proud of the fact that I have been able to stay out of stores since Monday and I am challenging myself to go to the store once next week shopping with a planned menu/detailed list.

I am realizing how fast those small purchases add up. The $8 to Michael's - the $9 at Panera's - the $13 to Trader Joes! By limiting my number of outings, I won't only save on gas, but the "leaks" as well.

AND we received a 42" flat screen TV for Xmas from dear parents. One of the cells was "defunct" and when DH and D Dad went to take it back, there was a $321 price reduction. We were just happy with a new TV and dad was happy with the credit, so he and DH shopped at Sam's Club and came home with free groceries: bananas, Starbucks frappucino drinks (12 ct), Naked blueberry juice, cereal and canned veggies. Wonder how and why they arrived at these items? Anyhow, almost no money spend this week, except electrician bill!

2 Responses to “Almost a No Spend Week!! New attitude about spending emerging ...”

  1. denisentexas Says:

    Sounds like a great week, indeed! May you have many more like this one. Smile

  2. (: joy :) Says:

    wow! great use of coupons and gift cards...they can really help add funds to our budget if we pay attention to them like you did...thanks!!!

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